By default, Flask expects your templates to be in a templates/ directory. Therefore, you don’t need to include templates/ in the path of the templates. Just like in home.html, you do something nifty with the title block. You add the page’s title inside the header block and wrap it within title. Jinja will understand this structure and render the page’s title in the header and title blocks.

Users will be able to register, log in, create posts,
and edit or delete their own posts. You will be able to package and
install the application on other computers. ItsDangerous is a safe data serialization library for the Python programming language.

Flask Quick Start

It’s easy to get started with Flask, because it doesn’t have a huge learning curve. Instead of an abstraction layer for database support, Flask supports extensions to add such capabilities to the application. The Pallets organization develops and supports Flask and the libraries
it uses.

flask framework in python

However, when first starting, it’s helpful to use a more
structured approach. Once you become more comfortable with Flask, you can step out of
this structure and take full advantage of Flask’s flexibility. When developing a web application, you will frequently run into situations where the application displays an error instead of the behavior you expect.

Step 3 — Running the Application

It is used to store the session of a Flask application in a cookie without allowing users to tamper with the session contents. The hello() view function returns the string flask developer ‘Hello, World! Flask uses the Jinja template engine to dynamically build HTML pages using familiar Python concepts such as variables, loops, lists, and so on.

With this you can access the word passed through the URL and respond with a capitalized version of it using the capitalize() method in Python. To display user data safely, use the escape() function that comes with the markupsafe package, which was installed along with Flask. Flask’s success created a lot of additional work in issue tickets and pull

Then add the following tag after the tag and directly before the % endblock % line:

This is the
default because in debugging mode a user of the application can execute
arbitrary Python code on your computer. You’ve successfully created a working Flask web application that you can use to bootstrap your future Flask projects. Just like above, you use url_for(), and Flask creates the full URL to the given view for you.

flask framework in python

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